Iraqi PM orders new strikes on ISIS targets in Syria

Campaign posters of a candidate are seen ahead of parliamentary election in Erbil Iraq
Daesh Reportedly Claims Assassination of Iraqi Election Candidate REUTERS Thaier al-Sudani

10 May, 2018

"The appeals court's judgment vindicates due process, limits on executive authority, and the protection of an American's constitutional rights", said ACLU attorney Jonathan Hafetz in a statement.

"The murder of candidate Faruq Zarzur al-Juburi... had no links to terrorist crimes", judiciary spokesman Abdel Satar Bayraqdar said in a statement.

The US government maintains he is an "enemy combatant", which the man denies, and announced on April 17 that it intends to send him to a third country, which court documents implied was Saudi Arabia. The detainee, who has a degree in electrical engineering, is married with one child, according to court papers.

This order gave the Prime Minister of Iraq.

The man, who holds dual American-Saudi citizenship and whose name has not been released, was captured in Syria and had been held in Iraq without legal representation until the American Civil Liberties Union intervened on his behalf in U.S. federal court last October.

"We know that the government ... is on the verge of what they call elections". On May 12, some 7,000 candidates will compete for the 329 seats in the Iraqi parliament.

The incident took place on Sunday night after unidentified armed men pretending to be campaign supporters, visited Farouq Zarzour al-Jubouri's house in al-Lazzaga, the official told Xinhua news agency.

His Facebook page was inundated on Monday with messages deploring his killing.

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