Sen. Blumenthal questions Facebook CEO Zuckerberg over data breach

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrives to testify before a joint hearing of the US Senate Commerce Science and Transportation Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill
Sen. Blumenthal questions Facebook CEO Zuckerberg over data breach

12 Abril, 2018

Graham spoke with a lawyer's knowing tone, and Zuckerberg, seeming to understand the game being played, replied casually, "Yes, Senator, I do". He was too rehearsed, he did too good of a job. It's a sweeping and jarringly intimate list in this case. We've got to change that. Zuckerberg responded, "I'm not sure what that means". The test metaphor proved apt: senators demanded transparency, accountability, and support for new legislation, yet they addressed Zuckerberg as a brilliant student, one who might need a lesson in responsibility but had plenty to offer in return. And now that Zuckerberg's notes have been shared far and wide, the House committee may take the opportunity to phrase questions in a way that the CEO will be forced to answer differently than he expected. So that, I agree, I think it is clearly bad activity that we want to get down.

First off, if Facebook is a government, it's specifically a monarchical one. Its internal algorithms have the same society-shaping force as laws: They decide how people connect, what information they see, and whether other businesses live or die.

Zuckerberg is facing questions about Facebook's involvement in various data-privacy scandals and how it can address those issues. Hence the rise of democracy.

This is an existential problem for Facebook. Its structure resembles that of a monarchy because it's a for-profit company still run by its founder. Since March, Zuckerberg has consistently described Kogan's activities as a breach of trust, a violation of the platform's policies. Google spent even more: $18 million. The populace over which Facebook rules is its user base, not the shareholders. I'm going to suggest to you that you go back home and rewrite it.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress. Do you agree with that assessment? You can also customize this skill based on your instrument and the key you're playing in by saying something like "Alexa, ask the Violinist for a C". Zuckerberg even ensured that his company would be a party in any kind of meddling in upcoming elections, including in India.

"On today of all days, I just found out that there are two fake Facebook accounts impersonating me, and guess what?"

At times, he showed plenty of steel. The most it could do is embarrass Facebook with its findings.

Chances are someone you have corresponded with - by email or mobile phone - has let Facebook's data spiders crawl through their correspondence, thereby allowing your contact data to be assimilated entirely without your knowledge or consent.
"My top priority has always been our social mission of connecting people, building community, and bringing people closer together", he reiterated on Tuesday.

Members placed 100 life-size cutouts of Zuckerberg on the lawn outside the Capitol, each wearing a T-shirt with the words "Fix Fakebook". We do not have to posit that Zuckerberg is evil to know he'll misuse his extraordinary power. We simply have to posit that he is human. Many lawmakers still don't fully grasp the technology.

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