Screen Snag? Galaxy S9 Users Are Complaining About This

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 8.1 Oreo
Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo with two cameras launched in India at Rs. 16990

15 Abril, 2018

At most birthday parties, guests bring the gifts. At the end of each day of use, the Always On display option took away between 6% and 10% of the battery life on the S9 or S9+.

Thye specs are pretty similar to the S9, it comes with an AMOLED screen size of 5.8-inch and resolution of 2960×1440, with dimensions the same as the S9.

From the various reports only a few units of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus seem to be affected. Let's check more specifications that have been revealed by its AnTuTu listing.

We have grown in many other ways.

Samsung Electronics Australia has launched its latest TVC campaign, 'The Ad I Was Supposed To Make'.

Samsung Rewards programme has three tiers - Silver, Gold and Platinum. We estimate that Rewards increased the use of Samsung Pay by 48 percent and the use of Samsung Health's "Ask An Expert" service by 46 percent.

Well, this week, the tables have turned.

They include layouts of the company's chip plants, which Samsung says would reveal confidential equipment, facilities and materials. If Samsung manages to deter this lawsuit then it will stop other patent trolls from copying the mechanism.

The date the patch was (will be) released is not yet known. The discount will be available to those who wish to buy a phone in installments. According to the points accumulated, users will automatically move up the tier. A Samsung representative told ETNews that the company is "planning to look for countermeasures after going over [the] claims made by PACid".

The story narrative is aligned to Samsung's brand vision of "Do What You Can't" based around developing products, innovation and experiences that empower people to defy barriers and obstacles. The case is lined with the company's "Airshock" material, which the company claims absorbs the impact of drops via air pockets without adding much weight. Yes, you read that right.

We are also exploring adding innovative new features that our consumers will enjoy such as peer to peer points sharing and integration with partner loyalty programs.

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