Apple patents a crumb-resistant keyboard for MacBooks

Credit Apple
Credit Apple

11 Marcha, 2018

While there have been improvements over that time, the keyboard is still very sensitive to any sort of crumbs, dust, or other debris becoming lodged underneath a key.

The company goes on to say that mechanisms such as membranes or gaskets can block ingress, along with brushes, wipers, or flaps around key caps.

'Residues from such liquids, such as sugar, may corrode or block electrical contacts, prevent key movement by bonding moving parts, and so on', an Apple spokesperson wrote as part of the application.

At least according to a patent spotted by Digital Trends, in which Apple describes the laptop keyboard concept, noting that: "A keyboard assembly [could include] a substrate, a key cap, and a guard structure extending from the key cap that funnels contaminants away from the movement mechanism". It looks like an increment to its TouchBar system which was introduced in 2016 with the MacBook Pro. Instead, this one reveals a practical solution to one of the biggest problems of the MacBook's keyboard: the tendency for crumbs and dust to build up under the keys, making them difficult or impossible to be pressed.

The crumby keyboard on MacBooks may soon be replaced with something that actually works. Since the patent was filed back in 2016, there's a chance that we could be seeing one of these arrangements in future MacBook models.

So our advice is this: If you're in the market for a new Apple computer, your best bet is to wait until later this year when the company will likely update its entire roster of laptops. I, myself have thought of this feature in the past, and it's cool to finally see a manufacturer implement it (I'm not saying Apple stole it from me, lol).

It's been a while since we've seen any critical updates to the MacBook Air, so it would unquestionably pleasant to see a major refresh not long from now.

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