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Trump will reportedly extend sanctions relief for Iran under nuclear deal
Trump decision looms over Iran deal as Europe watches

14 Enero, 2018

The deal is "not renegotiable", Zarif said.

The White House said on Friday that Trump will waive the sanctions against Iran for the "last time", unless an agreement can be reached between the US and Europe within the next 120 days that would strengthen the nuclear deal. This is a last chance.

"Instead, I have outlined two possible paths forward: either fix the deal's disastrous flaws, or the United States will withdraw".

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has urged all signatories to the multilateral 2015 agreement on Iran's nuclear program to continue its implementation amid US threats to withdraw from the deal, Press TV reported.

Trump has criticized the nuclear deal since his election campaign.

Trump has directed the Treasury Department to slap targeted sanctions on 14 Iranian individuals and entities for a range of actions, including human rights abuses during recent protests there and censorship of the Iranian people.

In a joint press conference in Brussels on Thursday, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany issued a plea to the United States to stay in the agreement.

Trump had faced a Friday deadline to decide on whether to waive the sanctions. While Iran's regular military, the Iranian Army or the Artesh, exists to defend the nation's borders from outside enemies, the IRGC exists specifically to counter domestic affairs in order to protect the country's radical Islamic system.

According to various reports, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that Trump's decision crossed a red line and warrants a serious response.

U.S. presidents, under existing American law, must waive the sanctions every few months to prevent them from causing Iran to declare the nuclear pact violated and simply walk away to resume pursuit of an atomic arsenal.

On Saturday, Iran warned that it plans to retaliate against US President Donald Trump's decision to slap its judiciary head with sanctions.

Iran insists its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes, while the United States and other countries claim it has been trying to develop nuclear weapons. "It gave Iran far too much in exchange for far too little".

He wants a more aggressive approach to Iran over its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. European powers say that the accord is vital for international security. They did not immediately react to Trump's demand on January 12 that they help come up with a stronger agreement.

"He intends to work with our European partners on some kind of follow-on agreement that enshrines certain triggers that the Iranian regime cannot exceed related to ballistic missiles, related to nuclear breakout period ... to inspection and that would have no sunset clause", said an administration official.

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