Liverpool move for Christian Pulisic talked up

Liverpool tipped to make concerted effort to sign Christian Pulisic
Liverpool move for Christian Pulisic talked up

13 Enero, 2018

The teenager promises to be the USA's first superstar in the sport since Landon Donovan, only in an era with the potential to elevate him far higher than any other footballer from the Land of Trump that has come before. The attacking all-rounder's seven goals and four assists were not enough to help the USA qualify for Russia next summer, though, and the youngster has a simple recipe for success: copy his adopted homeland. Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho are both enamored with Pulisic, who could give the US the representation it so heavily lacks in Premier League play. At 28, Samuel Eto'o had won a Champions League crown and was on the verge of another with Barcelona, had recorded a podium finish in the Ballon d'Or stakes, and was the most feared striker in Europe.

Aubameyang has repeatedly made the headlines in the past year after a succession of disciplinary problems.

But, the player remains highly rated despite some underwhelming form in the last few months, and he is highly sought-after in the transfer market.

He was named named the USA Men's National Team's Player of the Year by US Soccer in 2017 and in June he ruled out a move to Dortmund's deadly rivals Bayern Munich. Neither is there much precedent for coming back into major prominence in Europe in the event that the move does not work, especially for a 28-year-old whose stock is not exactly in huge demand at the moment.

It was with the arrival of Eto'o that the concept of a proper Big Two truly began to coalesce in Spain in the mid-noughties. "They weren't really soccer players, so we would play basketball all the time". Liverpool, who already tried in in vain to sign him in 2016, and Manchester United are particularly keen to acquire his services in light of their American owners.

His unique combination of skill and marketability in the world's biggest economy have established him as a key strategic talent for the biggest clubs. However, the opportunities for Liverpool or United are lucrative.

When you're 19 years old, you want the world at your feet, not its weight on your shoulders.

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