Google discovered the chip problem 'months ago' (GOOG, INTC) — Intel CEO

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Meltdown Spectre chip level flaw Intel says it is rapidly issuing updates for all computers servers powered by its processors

13 Января, 2018

And the performance generally isn't a problem, he said: "For the real-world's minimal impact".

As per Google's findings, Meltdown attack only works against Intel CPUs.

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To simplify things, a microprocessor is basically the brain of a computer.

Why is this different to other viruses?

But details of the fixes being developed point to issues involving the accessing of secure parts of a computer's memory by regular programs. Regular consumers shouldn't be impacted by the bug fixes too much, presumably, unless they run virtual machines or other I/O-intensive tasks on their computers.

On Wednesday, Intel admitted to creating processors with the serious flaws that were originally revealed by British media outlet The Register.

Apple has already rolled out patches for iOS, macOS and tvOS to address the Meltdown vulnerability.

This includes confidential information such as passwords, which could allow them to compromise computers or entire server networks, it added. "These new exploits leverage data about the proper operation of processing techniques common to modern computing platforms, potentially compromising security even though a system is operating exactly as it is designed to".

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One vulnerabilty, named Spectre, was found in AMD and ARM-based chips, too. The complaints, compiled and published by Gizmodo, were filed in Oregon, California, and Indiana by individuals who own Intel CPU-based computers.

"Intel continues to believe that the performance impact of these updates is highly workload-dependent and, for the average computer user, should not be significant and will be mitigated over time". One of the concerns is that the updates may slow performance but Krzanich has denied this.

This had quite a significant impact on the CPU market as Intel's stock prices have decreased while AMD's has seen a slight increase after the said statement. According to the BBC, the tech industry has known about the issue for at least six months.

"Contrary to some initial reporting, this is NOT just an Intel bug, it affects AMD and ARM processors as well". This time, the news was released a little early, leaving Intel scrabbling to get an update out.

Additionally, Intel said that "many operating system vendors, public cloud service providers, device manufacturers and others have indicated that they have already updated their products and services". Apple partially patched the vulnerability in macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 in early December, developer Alex Ionescu tweeted, adding that more safeguards will be included in version 10.13.3.

However, investors appear not to be completely convinced. End users are required to apply patches to fix this bug through their OS. It's still unclear when Intel will have patches ready for processors that are more than five years old.

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