Editorial: Tech giant is peddling a rotten Apple iPhone scam

Replace iPhone Batteries For Free- US Senate Leader
Senator asks Apple for more explanation of old iPhone slowdowns

10 Января, 2018

A local Apple Genius (aka technician) in Zurich-based store suffered burns while working to remove the iPhone battery, making us recall the Samsung Galaxy Note7 fiasco.

Why are PR departments so hesitant to just tell their consumers the truth about setbacks?

"At the same time, there was a slight build-up of smoke, which led to around 50 customers and employees having to leave the business temporarily", a police statement said. The fix remained unnoticed until late 2017 when a Redditor observed that replacing his iPhone battery restored performance to expected levels, at least when it comes to synthetic benchmark tests.

According to a report in www.swissinfo.ch, the incident occurred at the Apple Store on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse on Tuesday, injuring a repairman.

The risk is also the reason behind the Federal Aviation Administration's long-standing rules on lithium ion batteries in items like laptops and medical equipment. I say, treat every fantastical thing you hear as a lead to something that might actually be true. Apple has promised a software update soon that gives us more visibility into battery health. "The staff responded well and correctly". Apple has announced that the less expensive iPhone battery replacements would available for the grabs worldwide by December 2018. BGR said Apple failed to provide its customers with full information about how it was handling the performance of aging batteries, and took users' support for granted.

The fire servicemen covered the battery with sand, allowing the smoke to be contained and then ventilated. And there's also no way to easily check stock supplies; when I tried calling another store, I couldn't get a straight answer. In particular, Digital Glue points out that in the event of a leak, social media makes it close to impossible to keep mistakes on the DL.

You could take the unofficial route. Some mom-and-pop repair shops will replace an iPhone battery for less than $30 (roughly Rs. 1900).

Forensic specialists were examining what caused the incident, police said.

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