Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syrian Military Facility

The site south of Damascus
Israel reported to strike site near Damascus

07 Diciembre, 2017

While Syria and Israel, which have never signed a peace treaty, have repeatedly exchanged multiple tit-for-tat attacks, Netanyahu along with the country's defense minister stated that Tel Aviv is free to act in Syria for the sake of its security.

According to pro-regime Radio Sham FM, this video shows a surface to air missile being launched towards Israeli forces.

WASHINGTON --A military conflict between Israel and Iranian proxies in Syria could begin a matter of weeks, Israel's Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer said Monday. Most of the structures appear to be barracks and garages.

Arabic media outlets reported over the weekend that Israel struck an "Iranian base" in Syria on Saturday.

Israel regards Syria's ally in the region, Iran, as its number one "threat", accusing Tehran of supporting anti-Israel forces throughout the Middle East and vowing not to allow the Islamic Republic to turn Syria into its military foothold.

According to the report, which was based on a western intelligence source, the Iranian base is some 50 kilometers north of Israel's Golan Heights. Though Israeli strikes early in the Syrian War were supposedly meant to keep Hezbollah from getting arms shipments, increasingly the strikes seem to be at any Syrian military site Israel seems to feel like hitting, and let the details remain totally unspoken.

A few days later, ImageSat International took photographs, also with the EROS-B satellite of the site, which further supported the BBC claim.

The same site was apparently targeted by Israel back in 2013.

"I will not take your letter nor read it and I have nothing to say to these people", Mr Golpayegani quoted Maj Gen Soleimani as saying. "The more they push, we have to enforce our red lines ..." The agreement, announced in a joint US-Russian statement Saturday, affirms a call for "the reduction, and ultimate elimination" of foreign fighters from southern Syria.

But according to an unnamed Israeli official, under the deal, militias associated with Iran would be allowed to maintain positions as close as five to seven kilometers (3.1-4.3 miles) to the border in some areas, Reuters reported.

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