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iPhone X Plus: More details emerge about plans for 2018 iPhones

07 Diciembre, 2017

Apple might launch two iPhone with OLED displays, while the third one would be equipped with a standard LCD. And now, there are reports that Apple will be launching three phones in 2018 as well.

Following a recent rumor that the company had signed an OLED supply deal with Apple for the iPhone X, ending the exclusivity of the current contract with Samsung, the firm was asked to make a regulatory filing clarifying the position ... CR described the latest iPhone model an "innovative device with a fantastic camera and lovely display", but average durability. With metal, the company can have more fun so here's to hoping for that blue iPhone everyone wants.

But the cheaper iPhone with a metal back not only brings happiness for select consumers, it also brings business to LCD display manufacturers Sharp and Japan Display, which stand to lose the most with Apple's decision to finally move to OLED displays in iPhones. Comparatively, OLED panels deliver more saturated colors and truer black tones.

The metal casing for the 2018 LCD iPhone will be supplied by Casetek, which is a subsidiary of Apple's manufacturing partner Pegatron.

The Japanese publication added that Pegatron and Casetek could finalize a suitable production process to integrate their offerings for 2018 iPhone orders.

The Nikkei report speculates that Apple's decision may be born from wanting to reduce its dependency on smartphone rival Samsung, its sole provider of OLED screens.

The testers said, 'On its first drop, SquareTrade saw the iPhone X shatter, its screen become unresponsive, and its widely touted facial recognition feature fail completely. The LCD iPhone, in contrast, will sell at a lower price point ($650-$750) and have a lower pixel density (320-330ppi).

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X all have glass backs, having moved away from the metal rears of past generations, but according to a source at least one of 2018's models might switch back to a metal rear. It also means that the LCD iPhone would feature incredibly slim bezels with a notch.

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