Apple to start paying Ireland the billions it owes in back taxes

Apple strikes interim deal on escrow fund for $15B Irish tax claim
Apple have agreed to start paying €13bn tax bill to Ireland in 2018

05 Diciembre, 2017

Apple and Ireland have reached a deal for the American tech firm to pay billions of dollars in back taxes it owes the country, Ireland's finance minister said on Monday.

"Mr. Donohoe said he called the meeting with the competition commissioner to brief her on the latest developments".

The plan was revealed to reporters just ahead of the minister's meeting with the EU's antitrust chief, who has been chasing down the issue since the ruling last year.

Last year, the European Commission ruled that Apple should have to pay £11 billion in back taxes after the company funneled money through Ireland to avoid paying larger taxes on profits made throughout Europe.

As a result of both parties contesting the ruling, the matter is currently awaiting a European Court of Justice decision, and the money will be paid into the escrow account in the interim. Everyone from business leaders to everyday citizens have raised their voices in the hopes that the FCC will, at the very least, delay its decision to eliminate the policies that were designed to ensure equal treatment of all internet traffic. We may get more information on the fund, its management and the timing of Apple's payments during the company's next earnings report in January.

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