Tesla is 'Hotbed for Racist Behavior,' Lawsuit Says

Workers add seat belts to a Telsa Motor Inc. Model S sedan at the company's assembly plant in Fremont California U.S. on Wednesday
Lawsuit Claims Tesla Is Low On The Model 3s But Heavy On The Racism

15 Noviembre, 2017

The newest suit was filed by former Tesla employee Marcus Vaughn, who seeks to sue on behalf of himself and more than 100 other black Tesla employees who have faced discrimination in the workplace.

Last month, three African-American contract workers sued Tesla alleging that it permitted racial harassment and discrimination, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The suit also says that in July this year, black workers at Tesla's Fremont factory sent a note to Tesla's HR business partner Rose Sanson and CEO Elon Musk detailing the kinds of harassment they were experiencing. Vaughn's employment was later terminated for "not having a positive attitude" after he complained to human resources about the issue.

Regardless, one of the reasons why Musk is such a fascinating, if not controversial, character is precisely because he's prone to making tantalizing statements that only serve to heighten our collective interest in the company's plans, no matter how far from reality those statements may seem at the surface.

"In fairness, if someone is a jerk to you, but sincerely apologizes, it is important to be thick-skinned and accept that apology", Tesla's C.E.O wrote in an email.

Owen Diaz and his son, Demetric, left to right, talk about their lawsuit against Tesla at their attorney's office in Oakland, California, on Thursday, 21 September, 2017.

Vaughn's lawsuit became the third filed this year, accusing the company of racism.

Vaughn alleged in the lawsuit that his supervisors and co-workers routinely called him the n-word shortly after he started his job.

Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi examined two Model 3s supplied by Tesla in Brooklyn, and went for a test drive. The n-word was used against him "on a regular basis", and he witnessed the use of the slur toward other black employees, he claimed.

"The law doesn't require you to have a thick skin", Organ said in an interview Monday. "It's somewhat akin to saying 'stop being politically correct.' When you have a diverse workforce, you need to take steps to make sure everyone feels welcome in that workforce". So, while it was working on generating the capital and buzz for its Model 3, automakers like GM pounced, and introduced their own electric cars.

Tesla's production process has deeper problems than an inability to meet targets for getting cars to owners - a new lawsuit alleges the company's manufacturing floor is a "hotbed for racist behavior".

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