Israel arrests senior Islamic Jihad leader as tensions rise

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14 Noviembre, 2017

Tareq Ka'adan, a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist organization was arrested late Sunday night by the IDF, according to Galei Tzahal radio. Referring to the Israeli operation on October 30, he said that Israel "destroyed a terror tunnel in Israeli sovereign territory".

Abbas, who heads the Fatah party, also said his faction was working hard to implement the recently signed reconciliation deal with rival Gaza-based terror group Hamas in order to achieve Arafat's "dream... for freedom, sovereignty and independence on our Palestinian national soil".

The Iron Dome system, which is created to shoot down short-range rockets and, in some cases, mortars was deployed to counter the threats made by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group, which has vowed to avenge its members killed in the tunnel blast and its aftermath. Twelve Hamas and PIJ fighters, including senior military commanders, were killed in the subsequent explosions in the tunnel.

The "threats to target the movement's leadership is a declaration of war, which we will confront", Islamic Jihad said, according to a statement carried by its media affiliate Palestine Today News Agency.

The arrest comes is tension between Israel and the Islamic Jihad are high.

Netanyahu said Sunday Israel "will respond with a heavy hand to anyone who tries to attack us from any front".

Israeli forces arrested Islamic Jihad leader Tariq Qaadan from his home in the West Bank on Monday morning. Gen. Yoav Mordechai warned the Islamic Jihad to abandon plans to take revenge on Israel, saying that Israel knows of their plans and is prepared to repel them.

"In any case, we hold Hamas responsible for any attack against us originating from Gaza or organised there", he said of the group that runs the Gaza Strip.

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