Turkey Airlifts 40 Wounded People to Istanbul for Treatment — Somalia

Toll surpasses 300 in Somalia truck bombing
Somalia Truck Bombing Kills Over 300

17 Octubre, 2017

Bryden, the Somalia expert, said the training efforts of the U.S. and others have become "too centralized in Mogadishu" and too focused on the army, without any serious efforts to boost the capacity of police and regional forces. Somalia's government blamed the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab, though the Islamic extremist group has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

A new statement by the SITE Intelligence Group said al-Shabaab as recently as Monday was posting claims of responsibility for attacks on Somali and African Union forces - but not for Saturday's blast.

Turkey has sent a medical supply to Mogadishu, to treat the wounded Somali civilians, responding to a request from the Federal government.

Al-Shabab, which for more than a decade has waged war in Somalia, often targets high-profile areas of the capital.

Al-Shabaab earlier this year vowed to step up attacks in response to new military efforts by both the Trump administration and Somalia's recently elected Somali-American president, who has vowed to wipe out the extremist group within two years.

Meanwhile, the director of the Madina Hospital, Mohamed Yusuf Hassan, said he was shocked by the scale of the attack. After declaring their self-styled caliphate in Raqqa, the militants used the central city square to carry out public beheadings and executions, forcing the residents to watch after summoning them with loudspeakers. "Corpses were burned beyond recognition". Nervous relatives stood on the tarmac at the airport, praying for the recovery of their loved ones.

"At that time she was in Banadir Hospital where she was working".

The country's leader, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, has declared three days of mourning and joined thousands of people who responded to a desperate plea by hospitals to donate blood. "They have targeted the most populated area in Mogadishu, killing only civilians".

Also killed were five members of the same family who were operating a clothing business.

The United States has condemned the bombing, saying "such cowardly attacks reinvigorate the commitment of the United States to assist our Somali and African Union partners to combat the scourge of terrorism".

The Associated Press reported on Monday that the head of an emergency medical service said over 300 people were killed in the explosion. That is due in part to the fragility of Somalia, known as a failed state for decades as it was torn apart by conflict and clan disputes.

For Minnesotans looking to help the victims and their families, local leaders suggest donating to the Humanitarian African Relief Organization, or HARO, which is helping with efforts on the ground.

She told VOA Somali, "I called her number immediately, but someone else answered and they said the owner of the phone died".

"So think about if this were to happen even here it would take a lot of coordination, it would take a lot of agencies to respond to that, now imagine it happening in a place where none of that exists there are no systems, no infrastructure", she said.

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