Trump tells Puerto Rico to be 'proud' of low storm toll

US President Donald Trump visits residents west of San Juan Puerto Rico nearly two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit territory
Trump Tells Puerto Ricans They Didn't Suffer a 'Real Catastrophe' Like Katrina

09 Octubre, 2017

A young Puerto Rican woman has "returned" one of the rolls of paper towels that US President Donald Trump threw to several people in a church of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, during a four-hour visit to the hurricane-stricken island on Tuesday.

That's exactly what Chavez - and virtually all populist leaders - do. "What is really nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people". For every star who shares an awkward picture, Colbert will donate money to relief efforts through the AmeriCone Dream Foundation, and Kroll will match it. But, like Chavez, he is an incompetent leader who constantly brags about things that, in reality, are often total fiascos. More than 30 deaths on the island have been attributed to the hurricane, which also knocked out Puerto Rico's entire power grid and left many of its 3.4 million residents without potable water.

After the hurricane hit Puerto Rico, Jennifer Lopez made a public plea via social media for her followers to donate whatever they could to those affected by Maria.

The offer came on Wednesday, a day after President Donald Trump visited Puerto Rico.

"When someone is bothered by someone claiming lack of drinking water, lack of medicine for the sick and lack of food for the hungry, that person has problems too deep to be explained in an interview", Cruz said in Spanish during the interview.

Not surprisingly, singer Marc Anthony, whose parents are Puerto Rican, tweeted on Sept. 25, "Mr. President shut the [expletive] up about NFL". "A great day in Puerto Rico yesterday".

"We have much much [more] trouble than that right now", says Sepulveda, 55, referring to the debt. The Puerto Rican government created the Walkway of the Presidents across from the legislative building in 2010.

He also failed to send enough troops to help repair roads and bridges, as Edwin Melendez, director of the center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College in New York, told me last week. "We will have to wipe that out", Trump told Fox News' Geraldo Rivera in San Juan, the capital.

And Trump once again chastised Puerto Ricans for their financial crisis. "When he said, 'Puerto Rico, you've thrown out budget out of whack, ' and then seeing him throw paper towels at people, frankly it's unbecoming and disrespectful and it doesn't show what the Americans that are here are doing".

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