Russian hackers broke into the Kaspersky anti-virus secret services of Israel

Israelis 'watched Russians use Kaspersky wares to find NSA malware'
Israel hackers caught Russian hackers hacking NSA secrets using Kaspersky

12 Octubre, 2017

Recently, The New York Times reported that Israeli intelligence officials spying on Russian government hackers had found that Russian's agencies were using Kaspersky Lab antivirus software that is used by 400 million people globally, including U.S. Government agencies to hack their system. By offering scans for malicious software and reporting the information back to Kaspersky, Russian intelligence could exploit the contents of computers for their own interest. Russian-based international cybersecurity giant Kaspersky Lab has repeatedly denied its involvement or links to the Russian government. It's always dogged with rumors of connections to the Russian government, but for most of its existence, they've been nothing more than rumors.

Kaspersky's signature software is used by both private individuals and government agencies around the world. Antivirus software is a particularly useful tool for surveillance and infiltration, because for the very purposes of finding viruses, the software needs access to every part of a computer's file system.

Russia also issued a statement, condemning the US move.

In the New York Times saying that the newspaper described the situation a lot of people. The paper quotes Blake Darché, a former N.S.A. operator and co-founder of Area 1 Security, as explaining, "Antivirus is the ultimate back door".

Criticism of the software was first raised following accusations of Russian interference in the US presidential election, although did not present any arguments regarding its safety.

The Israelis passed this information on to their counterparts in the NSA, leading ultimately to the federal ban on Kaspersky Lab, according to the New York Times.

The firm added that it has never helped, nor would help, governments in matters of cyber-espionage.

It is not publicly known what other secrets from the U.S. the hackers from Russia might have stolen by turning the software of Kaspersky into something similar to Google search, wrote the Times in its report. Kaspersky told the Washington Post the company 'does not possess any knowledge' of Israel's hack. However it plays out, the unfolding drama will certainly hurt the software maker's footprint in the U.S., where Congress has already taken action to purge the government of the company's software.

"Kaspersky Lab reiterates its willingness to work alongside US authorities to address any concerns they may have about its products as well as its systems, and [Kaspersky] respectfully requests any relevant, verifiable information that would enable the company to begin an investigation at the earliest opportunity".

Over the past several years, the firm has, on occasion, used a standard industry technique that detects computer viruses but can also be employed to identify information and other data not related to malware, according to two industry officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive information.

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