IOS 11.0.3 is out, go download it now

Apple Releases iOS 11.0.3 Update to Fix Haptic Feedback Problem, and More
Constant iOS password pop-ups could be a phishing attack knowcking on your door

12 Octubre, 2017

Despite the mere fact that the iPhone X's display is wider diagonally than any other iOS device, it's quite smaller compared to other phones designed by Apple.

All the iOS 11 updates issued so far have been in response to security issues or bugs. iOS 11.0.1 fixed a security flaw, and came a week after iOS 11.0 came out. iOS 11.0.2 fixed a crackling audio issue on the new iPhones, and was out a week after that.

The new patch can be downloaded by all owners of a supported device for free by going to the Settings app, followed by the 'General' and 'Software Update' panes in the app. You can also do the same by plugging your device into a PC with iTunes installed.

In a tweet today, Twitter announced the newest tvOS Twitter update features the ability to browse Twitter on the set top box while watching your favorite content, and then easily tweet with a Handoff-style connection from Apple TV to an iPhone or iPad. That's certainly not a problem for Apple mindshare, however, according to Piper Jaffray's Fall 2017 "Taking Stock with Teens" survey. My battery life has massively improved. See for more information. If you'd like to, head to Settings General Accessibility Display Accommodations Auto-Brightness. This iPhone X was supposed to be the anniversary iPhone. Apple under Tim Cook likes to play it safe.

Looking back to the iPhone 8, this is how I see why the iPhone X is bad news. The first big changes are expected in iOS 11.1, which is already in beta and should hopefully be out later this month. Magic Call Pro is only the app you'll ever needed. Apple sold 211.9 million iPhones in 2016, a drop from the 231.2 million units it sold in 2015. She feels that there's significant pent-up demand for the iPhone, a bullish argument we've been hearing for at least a year.

Click on the image (via Reddit) to open it in full size, and then zoom in on the device.

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