Crossover Planned For The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead

All grown up The Walking Dead has a new teaser and it shows that Rick Grimes's daughter Judith is growing up fast
All grown up The Walking Dead has a new teaser and it shows that Rick Grimes's daughter Judith is growing up fast

11 Octubre, 2017

The showrunner teased the fans that the crossover episode could be one of two things. Rest in peace, Ofelia. Leave it to Strand to put their new home in jeopardy before they even know if they're going to be allowed to stay. We know long the running AMC series The Walking Dead takes place on the opposite coast, so what-or who-would be the link between the two? Teasing the reunion all season only to have it end this way was really a letdown. He also said a regret of Daryl's might have been blowing up the bikers with a bazooka, but also explained that these mistakes make the characters human. He's not duplicitous. He means it when he says it. That's one of the great things about Rick. The whole dilemma of Morgan's life is pulling that trigger or not pulling that trigger. That's his DNA. One of his strengths as a leader is that he listens to people.

- Reedus added: "This is a huge season coming up". But then seeing that Negan couldn't be reasoned with, Rick began rallying together other communities affected by the Saviors.

Season 3, Episode 14 is called "El Matadero" and there's reason for Madison (Kim Dickens) to look worried. Possibly Lola? She's got something of a surrogate daughter vibe going.

It flits from staggering VR to live action and back again. There is an obvious timeline discrepancy between the two shows. She has a tremendous survivor's instinct, but it's always been employed in the cause of survival for her children. This trailer was nothing short of badass and was filled with epic moments that made the audience scream with excitement.

Well, straight from Robert Kirkman himself, that all changes.

During a press conference for the show at New York Comic Con INSIDER attended, several members of the cast were asked their character's biggest regret on the show. She finds a drum of instant potatoes, but soon the restaurant gets filled with walkers. It's complicated out here in the post-apocalyptic world, man. It's complicated.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 3x14 follow!

I'm sure you can find at least some of this panel on YouTube, and I recommend checking it out, especially if you're a voice acting geek. "It was so beautiful", she says.

Strand's turn back to cold practicality doesn't get much screen time, but it's notable.

The brilliantly updated Platform 15 sees you walking through a haunted railway, creepy village and down a long, pitch-black tunnel to uncover the ill-fated passengers of the doomed Sleeper Express train.

- "You stayed at the ranch because you love me". But I do think he wants peace.

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