Air Quality a Concern as Smoke Drifts from Nearby Wildfires

Lighter winds in the valley bring less smoke, moderate air quality
Smoke triggers air quality advisory today

13 Octubre, 2017

The worst hour so far was measured on Tuesday in Napa, Calif., with an Air Quality Index of 404 for small particulate matter - so high it's off the chart, as you can see below.

The San Francisco 49ers issued a statement on Wednesday sharing that the team has joined other Bay Area sports franchises to collectively donate $450,000 to support the North Bay fire relief efforts.

Sean Raffuse, an air-quality analyst at the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory at University of California in Davis, told the Reno Gazette-Journal that early estimates project the fires have already produced about 10,000 tons of PM2.5. We've benefited from the sea breeze moving through the Golden Gate.

Consider, in some cases, leaving the region until air quality improves.

A health advisory has been issued for the South Bay due to smoke in the air, according to the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department. Could desperate times lead them back for a last-minute, one-game reunion on the field where Howie Long and Marcus Allen once reigned supreme?

"We're going to see that north wind pick up again tonight and into Thursday and that means drier, warmer air", Flannigan said Wednesday.

In accordance with San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District recommendations - if you can see or smell smoke, the air quality is poor and outdoor activity should be limited.

It is also strongly suggested to you rethink physically-intensive activities like outdoor exercise.

Stay tuned to local media for changes in smoke or weather conditions.

Children, the elderly and people with respiratory conditions are the most sensitive to the pollution and should take extra precautions, according to the air district. "Not to mince words: It's going to be really bad".

"It is devastating to witness a region dedicated to hospitality, friendliness, and community experience such loss", said Sharks COO John Tortora.

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