Nearly 3 weeks into Rohingya crisis, aid remains scarce

Rohingya children rummaged last October through the ruins of a village market that was set on fire during the army's
Operation Insaniyat: India to provide humanitarian assistance for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

17 Setiembre, 2017

The relief material will be delivered in multiple consignments under 'Operation Insaniyat' of the Indian government.

"I have condemned the attacks made by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army in Rakhine state, but there have been disturbing reports of attacks by security forces against civilians, which are completely unacceptable".

The C-17 Globemaster was positioned at short notice at Delhi on Wednesday and loaded overnight with daily necessities like rice, pulses, sugar, salt, cooking oil, ready-to-eat meals, mosquito nets, and other material to ferry to Chittagong.

Abdul Allie‚ Deputy President of the Muslim Judicial Council‚ said‚ "We are grateful for the response from the interfaith community because this is a humanitarian issue ..."

Joined by journalists, the diplomats listened as refugees recounted tales of horrors allegedly suffered at the hands of Myanmar security forces.

About 10,000 Rohingya homes had been torched in Rakhine, according to Ali, a figure that cannot be precisely verified as Myanmar has restricted independent access to the state.

There is also scant sympathy among Myanmar's Buddhist majority for the Rohingya, a stateless Muslim group branded "Bengalis" - shorthand for illegal immigrants.

"It is after all the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, Tomas Ojea Quintana, himself agreed with the observations of the report and said "the International State Crime Initiative arrives at a convincing conclusion" that a process of genocide against the Rohingya population is underway in Myanmar".

In 1982, a citizenship law allowed the Rohingya to apply for citizenship only if they could speak an officially recognized language and had proof their family had lived in the country before independence.

There are varying estimates of how many live in the South Asian country, but it is believed to be in the hundreds of thousands.

While the current crisis has seen nearly 400,000 Rohingya flee, the UN says Bangladesh was already hosting several hundred thousand undocumented Rohingya who had fled earlier violence. Rohingya militant groups are often involved in the clashes.

Bangladesh is protesting a violation of its airspace by helicopters and drones from Myanmar, as tensions between the two countries escalate over a massive influx of Rohingya Muslim refugees into Bangladesh.

Many live in Rakhine in impoverished camps, and others spend periods in internally displaced people's settlements in other states after fleeing violence.

An exhausted Rohingya refugee woman touches the shore after crossing by boat through the Bay of Bengal.

Sushma emphasised that India is trying to build bilateral and multilateral pressure on Myanmar to stop the persecution of Rohingya Muslims as well as to take back the refugees sheltered in Bangladesh.

The UN documented mass gang rapes, killings - including of infants and young children - brutal beatings and disappearances committed by security personnel.

Suu Kyi has repeatedly denied accusations of human-rights abuses against the Rohingya or that ethnic cleansing has taken place.

The youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate, 20-year-old Malala Yousafzai, has called on Suu Kyi to condemn the treatment of the Rohingya.

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