Miami Woman Delivers Baby at Home as Irma Rages

Hurricane Irma's forecast path as of 11 a.m. ET
View Slideshow Hurricane Irma's forecast path as of 11 a.m. ET. National Hurricane Center

17 Setiembre, 2017

On the island of Barbuda, which has a population of some 1,400 people, 90 percent of the buildings were destroyed.

The Florida Keys are still directly in the storm's path and may get the brunt of the storm on Sunday morning when Irma's eye passes between Key West and Marathon. When it reaches the state, Irma will probably have re-strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane, packing destructive 140 mph winds and pushing a projected storm surge of up to 15 feet in some areas.

The switch also forced another tweak: Miami's home game with Georgia Tech has been pushed back from Oct. 12 to Oct. 14, at the Hurricanes' request. "This is a life-threatening situation". FSU's is closed through Friday.

A study last year headed by storm surge expert Ning Lin of Princeton University warned that a major hurricane moving along Florida's Gulf Coast could threaten extreme storm surges in Tampa, a city of 377,000 people. On the northwest side of the island, it would be blowing the water away from the shoreline.

Hurricane Irma turned its menacing sight toward the Florida Keys on Saturday as it completed a destructive march along Cuba's northern coast and set off an 11th hour scramble for safety by Americans who may have ignored warnings to evacuate.

It does bear repeating that if you're in Florida you shouldn't try to shoot at an extreme weather event.

Tampa residents fill sandbags on Saturday.

FIU and FAU still aren't sure when they're coming home.

"I'd be lying if I said there weren't any distractions", FAU quarterback Daniel Parr, a South Floridian, said after the Owls lost 31-14 to the ninth-ranked Badgers. Like "Spinning your arms really fast to push away Hurricane Irma" (more likely to work) and "Yell like Goku at Hurricane Irma if it comes to Tampa" (criminally under-RSVPed at 2300).

The police and fire department can no longer respond to emergency calls.

God bless Florida and all of us.

"Do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down - the storm surge will rush in and it could kill you", Governor Scott warned Florida residents who did not plan to evacuate.

In the storm's aftermath, people walked through ankle-deep water in Caibarien, a Cuban fishing town where streets were flooded and covered in seaweed.

Just after 4. a.m. ET Saturday, Jose was 240 miles east south east of the group, known as the Leeward Islands, according to Michael Palmer, lead meteorologist at the Weather Channel. "So it's going to take a while".

But what if you don't have a basement? Firefighters later took her to the hospital. He led FIU in tackles, and the Panthers held off Alcorn State 17-10.

"There were distractions", FIU coach Butch Davis said. "The kids were excellent at compartmentalizing".

Hurricane Irma has wrought havoc all over Florida and is no slouch of a storm.

A new and experimental map from the hurricane center, showing potential storm surge flooding, explains the reason for the concern. But Irma's interaction with land weakened the storm from a potentially catastrophic Category 5 to a Category 3.

In the meantime storm- effects are felt in Miami and the Florida West Coast. Evening curfews have also been ordered by authorities in many areas to encourage residents to feel safe about leaving their homes and belongings behind.

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