Clinton wants Electoral College abolished, after losing it

Columbia University Trump campaign
Columbia University Trump campaign

17 Setiembre, 2017

The former Democratic presidential nominee was introducing her book about the 2016 presidential campaign in which she lashes out at President Donald Trump as "a clear and present danger to the country and the world".

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs copies of her new book "What Happened" during a book signing event at Barnes and Noble bookstore September 12, 2017 in New York City.

She's been making the rounds in the US to promote her new book and is being refreshingly honest about the behind the scenes of the campaign, as well as her personal feelings.

Why was Trump creeping behind Clinton at the debate?

Kelly Clarkson wrote, "Honey Badger Hillary y'all". You don't like that she isn't groveling for forgiveness for losing the electoral college, but instead attributing her loss to a number of intersecting problems.

"The deputy attorney general, backed by the attorney general of this administration, laid out in excruciating detail all of the protocols and rules that [Comey] broke", Clinton said.

Hillary Clinton is doing what President Donald Trump won't and will be coming to the UK this year. "Happy to send a copy", Clinton tweeted just before noon on Thursday, accompanied by a photo of her just-released picture book adaptation of her best-selling 1996 book, "It takes a village".

"I mean obviously more podcasts, more other ways of communicating so voices can be heard and real positions can be understood is part of it", she said.

Of course, the Electoral College's role in her defeat is undeniable. She seems pensive, as if thinking to herself 'what now?'

'Yes, I have, ' Clinton said.

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