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Xbox Update today: Insider Customization Aplenty
Xbox One dashboard getting long-awaited redesign

08 Agosto, 2017

The Xbox One equivalent of the Fall Creators Update (which doesn't have an official name, although previous major Xbox updates are simply named after the month they release in) brings a brand new Dashboard design along with it. This is radically different from all previous entries, bringing along the visual polish and speed that fans have been asking for.

In the new Xbox UI, you can customise your home screen, which is supposedly a result of user feedback, which sounds good on the surface, but the actual implementation is terrible.

Now, Microsoft looks to be finally giving the Xbox One dashboard its own much-needed overhaul.

It's not just Xbox owners who will benefit from this update, either. Unlike the Xbox One changes, these are assumedly rolling out immediately. With almost $200 worth of free games, this deal is pretty hard to pass up for those who have yet to pick up an Xbox One, especially considering Ghost Recon: Wildlands only launched five months ago.

The main action is what happens below that. There's new filters for the feed itself, too. But, the holiday season is approaching, and that means new features and functions are in order. Updates to Game Hubs, Avatars, Profiles and more will launch sometime this fall. You can add favorite games and friends to the screen by selecting one, hitting the menu button, and selecting "Add to Home".

The Guide has also been changed once again, and like the previous revamp, speed is the emphasis.

This is a pretty fancy way of displaying content, and it's designed so you can continue to see as much content as possible without having to leave the game you're playing and go back to Home.

The Guide layout has also been updated, making it easier and faster to jump between tabs, switch between apps, and return to the Home screen. Suggestions are included there as well - smart for Microsoft. It will now be available on a per-game basis, adding a switch onto the bar itself.

This also isn't all the Xbox team has in the works for RS3.

More personalization. This update is "all about personalization", Ybarra says.

In the above video, watch as Microsoft execs Larry Hryb and Mike Ybarra explore the latest changes in detail.

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