North Korea threatens to use nukes if provoked

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Tillerson Hails UN Sanctions, as Chinese Minister Rebukes North Korea

08 Agosto, 2017

In its first major response to the sanctions drafted by the United States and adopted on Saturday, North Korea said it would never relinquish its missile and nuclear arsenals and called the penalties a panicky US-led response to its growing military might.

The North Korean government has labelled the sanctions a "violent infringement of its sovereignty" caused by a "heinous US plot to isolate and stifle" the country.

Luckily, the prospect of North Korea invading the South is slim. The two both participated in other multilateral meetings in Manila, including one between China and the 10 Asean ministers. The two countries have many things in common: Flouting international law, threatening world stability and endangering maritime security in the Pacific, the Gulf and the Red Sea.

"It was a good outcome", U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in Manila.

South Korean media reported that its Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha, shook hands with her North Korean counterpart, Ri Yong Ho, in a brief and unarranged meeting at an official dinner event. Meanwhile, the United States failed to take similar action to normalize relations with North Korea, instead preserving the Cold War system in northeast Asia.

"The best signal that North Korea could send that they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches", said Tillerson.

Washington, for its part, needs to see normalization of relations in the right light.

They called on the 10-nation ASEAN bloc "to maximise pressure on North Korea".

KCNA blamed the U.S. for the new sanctions' adoption. North Korea is one of 27 members of ARF.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT. But it is not the leadership, it is the people as a whole who suffer from sanctions, and I think the Korean people will suffer from these sanctions. "But it raises concerns that a point in the resolution proposed by us to uphold that position was not supported by the authors of the resolution,"|.

Ri hasn't spoken publicly since arriving in the Philippines.

If we go back again to the George W. Bush administration, one of its top officials, supposedly in charge of disarmament, John Bolton, when asked what the US policy on North Korea was, replied "No North Korea" and that has been a fixed objective of US policy in regard to North Korea - it has been regime change. This represents one-third of its total exports last year, estimated at $3 billion.

Now, North Korea will find it harder to make money because the newly adopted sanctions are targeting the country's primary exports such as lead, coal, and seafood products. Existing joint ventures would be prevented from expanding their operations. The country's new intercontinental ballistic missile is believed to be capable of delivering a nuclear payload to cities and towns across the continental U.S. He says the North is "ready to teach the U.S. a severe lesson with its nuclear strategic force". No one was injured, but the building sustained minor damage close to the site of the explosion. Aside from calling for more sanctions, Trump's approach has centered on enlisting China and others to lessen ties to North Korea.

Trump also criticized China, saying he was "very disappointed". They urged "the international community to do so as well".

Will the sanctions make any difference?

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