I wish Republicans had stood up to birtherism — GOP senator

Schumer: Trump threat against health funds 'childish'
Top Senate Dem: Trump threat against health funds 'childish'

08 Agosto, 2017

There wasn't a dramatic public break or an exact moment it happened.

Twenty percent said Senate Republicans were "most responsible", while 13 percent said President Donald J. Trump, and 11 percent said Republican Sen. But a comprehensive tax reform initiative remains under wraps amid deep divisions in the party. It was only late in the 2016 presidential campaign that he admitted Obama was born in the US.

They're reasserting their independence, which looked sorely diminished in the aftermath of Trump's surprise election win.

Jeff Flake voted for the Republican healthcare bills, and he could pay a political price. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

McConnell and other senior Republicans have, however, flatly ruled out any changes to the filibuster rules as they apply to legislation.

The senator also urged Trump to temporarily keep making the cost-sharing payments so Congress could work on stabilizing the individual market for 2018. "Flake would serve his constituents much better if he was less focused on writing a book and attacking the president, and (more on) passing legislation".

He was mourning more than merely the failure of one attempt to repeal Obamacare.

And a growing number of conservative pundits feel comfortable expressing doubts about President Trump, even in the conservative holy land of Fox News. A regular customer at the fast-food chain, Allison Music, recorded the scene and posted it on Facebook.

There are many who will tell you about Obamacare's successes: 20 million more people now have health insurance, overall health care spending has been well below historic trends, health care quality has been improving. And that goes for my party, too. Both of these are important. Goldwater also said, "Moderation in the protection of liberty is no virtue; extremism in the defense of freedom is no vice".

Among Republicans across the ideological spectrum, the reaction has been mixed. Then again, as an outsider, I don't get to make that kind of decision.

So Republicans, in turn, ignored Trump.

The poll, conducted July 28 and 29, surveyed more than 1,130 Americans, including 381 Republicans and 475 Democrats, following the collapse of health care reform in the Senate.

Those and other issues will be taken up next month.

During an interview on NBC's Meet the Press, Flake said one of his regrets over the past few years is that the GOP didn't do enough to stem the tide of birtherism.

It is billed as a way to let states do as they wish on the future of Obamacare. Marco Rubio of Florida.

"It is hard for many conservatives to understand that establishment Republicans are the enemy", Viguerie continues, noting that those establishmentarians "are not people who can simply be talked out of their commitment to Big Government; they must be defeated, because they are blocking the path to saving America".

The House has been a friendlier place for Trump. Truly letting states govern health-care policy will most hurt poorer and sicker people in red states. The Trump era grows out of these faults, and out of a basic irresponsibility that enfolds them both.

There's even a recent model for cooperation, Wyden said, citing a tax deal that he, Hatch and House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, forged in 2015. Bob Corker of Tennessee.

New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer, the Democratic leader of the Problem Solvers Caucus, acknowledged that its initial proposal "does not attempt to do everything" - but that it's a start.

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