Google Camera update brings double-tap to zoom feature

Google's native camera app now has selfie flash
Google Camera update brings double-tap to zoom feature

12 Agosto, 2017

Among the key changes the update brings along, is the Selfie Flash feature that's aimed at improving your low-light selfies. Pair great hardware with a barely usable camera app and you're phone is sure to get ignored.

The "Google Camera" application named has been updated to feature a selfie flash which is usually missing from the front cameras of most smartphones. But even when the Google Camera was sideloaded onto other devices, HDR+ remained disabled. So you can still use the old gesture too.

It's not perfect, mind you. Just enable flash to use it. Not a groundbreaking addition but it's simple and acts as a quick alternative to using the zoom slider.

Those that like to zoom in while taking a photo will appreciate the newly added double tap to zoom feature that will ramp up the zoom by 50% in an instant. Double tap to automatically zoom in and back out. That's it. Now when you capture the image, the app will produce a little extra light, simulating flash. Sadly, those numbers seem to be fixed and there's no way to customize that. While there aren't huge updates, the small refining touches to the camera's UI should make things a bit easier when it comes to taking photos and videos.

Google Camera 4.4 surfaced recently in a Developer Preview build of Android O. Now, this app is finally available to the public via Google Play, although only in select markets. The usual security disclaimers apply.

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