China condemns unilateral US sanctions against Venezuela

US aims to push Venezuela towards default: envoy
Venezuela accuses opposition for US sanctions

30 Agosto, 2017

29 de agosto de 2017, 10:44Caracas, Aug 29 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, condemned the participation of Costa Rica in the siege plan against the Bolivarian government by the former attorney general Luisa Ortega, accused of crimes against the morale and ethics of this country.

Florida Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez, joined by the Venezuelan-American community, called for temporary protection of Venezuelans who can't return to their country.

National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster said the U.S. has no plans to take military action in Venezuela, but that there are a "broad range" of options available to the president.

On Tuesday, Joshua Goodman of the Associated Press trumpeted that the economic "misery is likely to get even worse" in Venezuela due to new sanctions implemented by the Trump administration.

Venezuela's all-powerful new constituent assembly said Tuesday it will hold treason trials for opposition leaders it said are promoting economic sanctions imposed by the United States.

U.S. officials contend the sanctions were crafted to avoid causing harm to ordinary Venezuelans and punish a government that U.S. President Donald Trump now brands a dictatorship. For example, the market in Caracas that he first zeroed in on "hasn't seen any fish or meat in about a year, partly because the freezer section's cooling system broke and no spare parts can be found. Most shelves contain a single variety of any given product, much of it imported from China". Accordingly, any US Person with a contract to supply goods or services to the Government of Venezuela must ensure that the government is contractually obligated to pay for those goods or services within 30 days (or 90 days for PDVSA). Though the CITGO entities are owned by the Government of Venezuela, securities purchases from and new debt transactions with these entities are permitted so long as no other Venezuelan government entities are involved.

The journalist returned to the issue of the U.S. sanctions in the fifteenth paragraph of his article. "'It's both fascinating and terrifying to watch'".

Earlier this month, Credit Suisse Group said it prohibited its traders from buying and selling two existing Venezuelan bonds because of the risk the trades would finance human rights abuses.

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